Am I Eligible to Adopt?

IDR+ adoption applicant requirements:

  • All children in the home must be age seven (7) or older. Our goal is to maximize the chances of success for every adoption, and our experience has shown us that this is best accomplished when all children in the family are emotionally and physically mature enough to properly interact with a large dog. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both our rescue dogs and our adoptive families.
  • Reside within the geographic area covered by IDR+ (Illinois and immediately bordering areas within 4 hours of Chicago; however, we have the right to decide if we believe you are not close enough to our central location to work with).
  • Demonstrate the ability and commitment to provide proper care, exercise, and training for the lifetime of the animal.
  • Abide by the IDR+ Terms and Conditions of Adoption.
  • Have a fenced-in yard or other reasonable plan to exercise and allow the dog to relieve itself. Adopters must agree to never leave the dog outside in the yard unattended.
  • Allow all of their pets to live in the home as a member of the family.
  • Applicants, such as apartment or condo dwellers, must be able to provide written proof provided by the association or landlord, and/or provide contact info of landlord to IDR+.
  • Agree to keep the dog safely on leash at all times when not in a fenced-in area.
  • Agree to accompany the dog through a group or individual obedience class within 6 months of adoption. There are exemptions to this rule. However, any Doberman under one year of age will be required to attend an obedience class. More info…
  • All current pets must be spayed/neutered. There are a few exceptions to this rule. They must also be current on vaccinations, and dogs must be on monthly heartworm prevention.
  • IDR+ will not adopt animals to applicants (or any other household members) with any conviction, misdemeanor or felony, for the following offenses: domestic violence, animal abuse, animal cruelty, or animal neglect.
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