• Age:  1.5 years (DOB 2/10/16)
  • Color:  Black
  • Gender:  Male
  • Dogs:  Seems good
  • Cats:  Ignored when tested
  • Kids:  No kids at this time
  • Obedience:  Required to ensure success
  • Exercise:  Lots! He's still a puppy!
  • Fence:  Needs fenced yard
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Because we are all volunteers, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus only considers approved applicants to meet our orphans in our foster homes. Please read our eligibility requirements and apply on our website:  After an application is submitted, additional inquiries can email

While Keeper may look like the complete Doberman package, his label reads ‘handle with care,’ and he will come with special handling instructions. Keeper had a rough start in his young life and needs not just an owner but a partner(s) who understands how to offer support and guidance while facing a big, new scary world. He is 1.5 years old (DOB 2/10/16), and he is a special boy who needs patience, consistency, and experience. He is not what we would call a ‘starter Doberman’ with his strength, size, and personality. Keeper is learning how to trust people enough to face fearful objects and gaining confidence with each little success. As all young Dobermans in our program, he will require continued positive training to ensure his success. We feel Keeper will benefit from meeting at his foster’s in Union, IL and working with his new partner a few times before going home with them. He will have a much more successful transition this way, and we like it when the good guys win. Keeper playbows to the other dogs and loves to run next to a buddy, so he could do well with a mellow friend to hang with. Young kids are probably a little too much for him to deal with since he is still working on adapting to loud noises, and he does not appreciated unwanted hugs. He ignored the kitties when tested. He has made a lot of progress, but each day presents itself with new challenges. He would do best with a fenced yard (no e-fence), and he’d prefer a quieter neighborhood for leash walks. Each new challenge is being faced with greater confidence, and he is making tons of progress with the trainer who is fostering him. If you are an experienced Doberman home that is committed to maintaining an active young working breed’s physical and mental stimulation, please carefully consider Keeper.

The biographical information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge while the animal is in our care or includes what may have been provided by a previous owner. We strive to be honest and accurate, but animals can change their personalities and behavior when they settle into a new home. IDR+ makes no guarantees based on the information we observe and provide.

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