• Age:  7 months
  • Color:  Black
  • Gender:  Female
  • Dogs:  Good
  • Cats:  Unknown
  • Kids:  7 and up
  • Obedience:  Required to ensure success
  • Exercise:  Limited. Cannot do stairs nor can she run
  • Fence:  Not required
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Because we are all volunteers, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus only considers approved applicants to meet our orphans in our foster homes. Please read our eligibility requirements and apply on our website:  After an application is submitted, additional inquiries can email

Nattie is a petite puppy who is eventually looking for a wonderful home with limited activity. She had a rough few months at the beginning of her life, but being in a caring foster home and getting the medical attention that she needs has brought out her sweet, loving, and sometimes a little demonstrative personality. Nattie was turned into a downstate shelter in September at the age of 5 months. IDR+ took her in and immediately got x-rays of her hips. She had a broken left hip and had to be immobilized, which was difficult at best for a puppy. In November she was transported to suburban Chicago. She saw an orthopedic surgeon and was told her left hip break was healing nicely, but she had hip dysplasia in her right rear leg and would need FHO surgery. Her front legs were extended at the elbows, which the vet thought was probably a deformity rather than trauma. She then went to see an ophthalmologist, who determined that she was blind in her left eye (she can only see light), and has an anterior and posterior cataracts in her right eye. She is getting daily drops in her eyes, and it’s too soon to tell if the cataracts will progress or stay the same. There is a chance she will eventually be blind, but it’s too soon to tell. Thanks to the amazing SASS program at Veterinary Specialty Center, her hip was repaired during an FHO surgery, and they want to fix her deformed growth plates in her front legs once she recovers from the FHO. She is healing up in a foster home, who will take her to PT, and we can schedule the next orthopedic surgery when she’s ready. She are still working on housebreaking, but she’s making progress. Possibly due to her limited vision, at first she is very barky with any new dog she meets, but after she learns their scent, she is all love and kisses.

The biographical information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge while the animal is in our care or includes what may have been provided by a previous owner. We strive to be honest and accurate, but animals can change their personalities and behavior when they settle into a new home. IDR+ makes no guarantees based on the information we observe and provide.

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