• Age:  10 months
  • Color:  Red
  • Gender:  Male
  • Dogs:  Unknown
  • Cats:  Unknown
  • Kids:  Said to be good
  • Obedience:  Required to ensure success
  • Exercise:  Moderate
  • Fence:  Would appreciate a solid fence

Because we are all volunteers, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus only considers approved applicants to meet our orphans in our foster homes. Please read our eligibility requirements and apply on our website:  After an application is submitted, additional inquiries can email

Rocky knows what you are thinking: That dog has the most beautiful eyes! Oh, you were looking at his ears? Yeah, that’s an unfortunate crop, but please don’t pass judgement on his personality due to his ears. Just like a nice standing crop doesn’t guarantee a good dog, this crop doesn’t mean anything against his ability to love and be a wonderful boy. Rocky was being sold on a swap meet website, like an unwanted couch. Thankfully, one of our volunteers was able to get him safely to IDR+ where he will be vetted and find a wonderful forever home. We are told Rocky is 10 months old, but he looks a little older due to spending most of that time outside downstate. He lived with a young child, but we will need to see that for ourselves before we place him with children. Being a young working breed, Rocky is active and wants a job to do. It’s unlikely Rocky received any training or structure in his previous situation, so we will require it to ensure his success. With us, he is strong and needs some guidance on the leash. He will sit when asked, and he has been very nice with everyone who has met him. He has no history with dogs or cats, and he would appreciate a fenced yard until he learns to walk better on leash.

The biographical information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge while the animal is in our care or includes what may have been provided by a previous owner. We strive to be honest and accurate, but animals can change their personalities and behavior when they settle into a new home. IDR+ makes no guarantees based on the information we observe and provide.

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