Blue Monday

Did you know that Dobermans come in 5 colors? Everyone knows black and red, but there is also blue (which is a genetic dilution of black), fawn (which is a genetic dilution of red), and albino (which is a genetic absence of pigment). Blue Dobes are striking in their looks, and their coats are often thinner, which means less vacuuming and shedding! They benefit from grain-free food and supplements, and they appreciate a sweater or jacket in the winter. Blue Dobes are head turners, and people often mistake them for their cousin, the Weimaraner, when they have natural ears.

We currently have 4 wonderful blue Dobermans looking for homes. Wilson is a 5-year-old male, Sage is a sweet 4-year-old female,  Duke is a 2-year-old male, and Maya is a 1-year-old female. If you have the blues, one of these beauties will cheer you up! Please apply today!

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