Do you do any online shopping?

Chances are, you could be generating money for IDR+ by accessing those sites through a donation site called iGive.com.

iGive is FREE for the shopper. The stores make the additional donation to the charity of your choice (hopefully us), and you just shop online like normal.

Each new member who signs up generates a $5 when they select IDR+! When you sign up, you can download the iGive “button” that guarantees you never miss a donation. Many of you are already registered with iGive, but you aren’t using the button. Please install that now and see how easy it is to generate instant donations for IDR+!

One IDR+ volunteer uses iGive all of the time and has generated $1,300! In the past few years, IDR+ has received over $6,300 in donations from iGive!!!

An additional source of bonus donations is AmazonSmile! It’s the regular Amazon site you already use, but if you choose us as your charity, we get a percentage of every purchase!

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