Massive vet bills!

On top of the routine vetting that each adoptable dog and cat¬†receives, which the adoption fee barely covers, sometimes we get hit with a medical issue that is more expensive. The past two months, we have an extra $20,000 in vet bills for several medical issues, including pneumonia, strong infections, skin issues, blasto, major GI issues, various surgeries, a mastectomy, bloat, and sadly cancer. We were able to save all but one of these major medical cases, but it wasn’t cheap.

Sampson, Mulan, Chunk, Diesel, Adelaide, Dax, Princess, Wendy, and Peanut all have individual donation campaigns that have a long way to go before meeting their goals. These vet bills are on top of the routine vetting all animals get at IDR+ before adoption.

Please consider becoming a Monthly Miracle Maker to honor one of our early medical miracles and help us make MORE Miracles! Or click on the individual name to read their story and sponsor a specific dog! We can’t do this without your support!

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