Monthly Miracle Makers

mmm stickerIn January 2011, we received an urgent call from animal control about a severely emaciated Doberman literally left in the trash in an alley. He was 33 pounds, and his body temperature was so low, it didn’t register on a thermometer. The vets were worried he would not survive the first night, but he soon started to turn around! We named him Miracle after he started to have a miraculous recovery. After several months of TLC, Miracle transformed into a fully healthy 90-pound dog who loves his life with his family. ¬†Miracle received many generous donations when he came in for his care, and his family wants to encourage everyone to continue donating to IDR+ for other dogs like him.

IDR+ is asking donors to become Monthly Miracle Makers. Sign up for an automatic monthly donation, and we will send you a durable vinyl¬†sticker to thank you! You will receive a letter for your taxes each month, and you don’t need to worry about remembering to donate. Please consider making an automatic monthly donation to make more miracles!

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Mail your Donation!

PO Box 435
Barrington, IL  60011-0435

Thank you for your generous donation!  Our orphans thank you!

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