• Breed:  Terrier/Chihuahua mix
  • Age:  2 year
  • Weight:  16 pounds
  • Gender:  Male
  • Dogs:  Seems good
  • Cats:  Unknown
  • Kids:  16 and up
  • Obedience:  Always recommended
  • Exercise:  Moderate
  • Fence:  Would do best in a fenced yard
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He might be a chihuahua mix, he might be a min-pin mix, or he might have a little unknown terrier in him, but one thing is for certain, Chico is a feisty and athletic pup.

Chico is a 16 lb, 2 year old ‘somekindamix’ who looks like a miniature pinscher or chihuahua mix. We found him in a local shelter, where he had languished for months. Poor Chico didn’t like being in a shelter and spent his time cowering in the corner of his crate. This shyness didn’t endear Chico to potential adopters, so there he sat. Lucky for us, one of our volunteers saw something in Chico and decided to spring him from the joint!

For the first couple of days living with us, Chico was fearful, keeping his distance, with his tail between his legs. However, after a few days he started to warm up to us. Treats, sweet words and a little affection went a long way toward winning over little Chico. It wasn’t long before Chico started wanting to be with the family. When not carefully taking EVERY toy out of the toy box and scattering them on the floor, or blissfully bounding through the yard, Chico likes to get on the couch near his humans and relax.

Chico is crate trained and house-trained and has not had an accident in the house. He loves to run outside and is an astute watchdog who barks at any passers by. And Chico isn’t all bark either; he is wary of new people and needs VERY slow introductions. We recommend Chico be separated from newcomers via a gate or in his crate so he has a few minutes to feel them out before introductions are made. Letting your visitors give Chico a few treats doesn’t hurt either 😉 For this reason, we will only place Chico in a home with children 16 or older.

Chico gets along well with other dogs, loves roughhousing with them and has generally coexisted peacefully with his pack-mates. We think he would do great on group walks, hiking, frisbee or any athletic activity, solo or with the pack. He’s actually a very good walking dog once he knows it’s a safe activity. Chico can be wary of cars, loud-noises and the unknown, but the more exposure he gets, the more confident he becomes!

Chico would make a great running partner, agility dog or general housemate for the person who’s willing to give him a little time to warm up and who is willing to be patient while Chico discovers a world that was largely isolated from as a pup. If you want to mix up your world with this little mix, then consider making Chico part of your world!

The biographical information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge while the animal is in our care or includes what may have been provided by a previous owner. We strive to be honest and accurate, but animals can change their personalities and behavior when they settle into a new home. IDR+ makes no guarantees based on the information we observe and provide.

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