• Breed:  Maltese- Poodle mix
  • Age:  10 months
  • Gender:  Female
  • Dogs:  Good
  • Cats:  Good
  • Kids:  Good
  • Obedience:  Always recommended
  • Exercise:  Moderate

Because we are all volunteers, Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus only considers approved applicants to meet our orphans in our foster homes. Please read our eligibility requirements and apply on our website:  After application is submitted, additional inquiries can email

Lola, is quite the little show girl, complete with ‘yellow’ feathers in her hair, or tail. She is a  10-month old Maltese- Poodle mixed breed, with white fur, and golden highlights in her hair and tail. Lola started out with a ‘ruff’ beginning. Her foster family rescued her from a neighbor when she was 7-months old. She was underfed and kept outside, tied up by a short leash on a back porch crying. It was discovered she had also been kept in a small crate, tucked into a closet left to defecate and urinate on herself for multiple hours on end. She has been in her foster family’s home now for three months, and in that time, she has gained 25% of her body weight, undergone potty-training, and she is healthy and thriving. She is toward the ‘end’ stages of potty-training, meaning she has very infrequent accidents and she can hold it during the night and short four hour periods during the day, while her foster parents are away. Lola is very smart and learned to fetch in a very short period of time. She loves her cat foster sisters, especially Maxine. They nibble lovingly on each other and chase each other around. Lola also gets along with her foster Puggles, and runs and chases the toys with them. Lola loves to be pet, snuggle, or just lie quietly at your feet. She loves to go for walks, and experience adventures. Lola does require some grooming, such as brushing, keeping her eye area clean with a warm washcloth, and to be ‘super princess-like’ a monthly grooming. She seems to shed some, but it is only when she is brushed, as her hair is curly and poodle like, but her tail is like a giant feather.
Lola loves children of all ages, and she will make a perfect family dog for any home.
Lola is scheduled to be spayed on September 22nd, after which she will be fully vetted. She is in great health. Lola has her 1st birthday on October 31, 2017!

The biographical information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge while the animal is in our care or includes what may have been provided by a previous owner. We strive to be honest and accurate, but animals can change their personalities and behavior when they settle into a new home. IDR+ makes no guarantees based on the information we observe and provide.

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