DUDLEY (located in Port Clinton, OH) has been with us for two years. He was originally rescued by Fido’s Companion Rescue from a kill pound.
DUDLEY was immediately taken to Westpark Animal Hospital for a full examination, with blood tests and a neuter. The neuter had to be delayed when it was discovered DUDLEY was heartworm Positive. Fido’s Companion Rescue paid for the full course of Heartworm treatment, which he survived and then he was neutered. DUDLEY has had a very good life here and runs in the back yards doing ‘Beagle Stuff’ …. He has a tad of limited sight, but his nose makes up for it.
A month ago DUDLEY collapsed, was unable to walk without assistance. He was rushed to Westview Animal Hospital and placed on strong anti-inflammatory and pain meds. Then we prayed and waited.
It was suspected he had either a brain bleed or full blown stroke. We were unsure if he would ever fully recover. HE DID !
As of a 2 weeks ago.. DUDLEY is back to being DUDLEY and again – running the yard and doing ‘Beagle Stuff’. You would never know anything was ever wrong with him.
This handsome sad-eyed boy, begs for a FUREVER home to curl up, be loved and allowed
to do his’Beagle Stuff’
He has been through hell and back and he survived! Survivors become the strong ones. And DUDLEY is strong in spirit. His eyes beg for a FUREVER HOME, a home that will love and care for him. We cannot guarantee that he will not have another episode like he did, but he STILL deserves a HOME.
Hey ! This could have been just a one time problem he had, and it will never happen again.
He recovered within 2 weeks to being completely normal. He is off all of his medications too.
DUDLEY will always have a place with us here, but we ALL PRAY that ‘Special Person and Home’ will WANT him in their lives. FUREVER.
Male – Neutered
Intake: 06/20/2014
Weight: 28.8 Lbs
Age: 2005 (Approx. Birth date)
Vaccinated and Neutered
‘HAD’ Heartworm
now treated
Waiting for his HOME

Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
3620 E. State St.
Port Clinton, OH 43452
419-960-7487 – Toll free 1-855-329-5460

Email PINZOO8@aol.com or lhitchens@tds.net

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