A perfect day for Rex includes a walk around the block, guarding the front window from his post, looking at you with adoring eyes while he is pet, stealing kisses and perhaps a bite of your muffin. He is 7 years young and still has the heart of a puppy. Rex prefers not to share a home with other dogs but has shared a home with cats. He dislikes lettuce and being away from home. Rex is very affectionate, intelligent and the most loyal dog you will ever meet. Rex is the President of the Neighborhood Watch Group. He will keep you apprised of any critical situation outside (for example, strollers or bicycles approaching the property line). Rex seeks a mature and experienced owner who can meet his every need and spoil him behind his wildest dreams. When Rex is in a situation that makes him fearful, he may snap at someone. This usually occurs a 3-4 times a year. He simply gets scared and doesn’t know what else to do. This issue has greatly improved through behavior modification training and medication for anxiety and to regulate his thyroid. Rex was recently diagnosed with the early stages of Wobblers. It is well controlled with steroids and he does not let it hold him back from chasing squirrels. Rex would do best in a home with no other dogs, no children and a fenced-in yard. His current owners have loved him as a child for many years, but are expecting their first human child in September and do not want to take any chances. They love him unconditionally and only want the very best possible home for him. They will help with the transition in any way possible including multiple meet and greets, a written guide on how to work with him and payment for a year’s worth of medication. Rex is a very special dog in need of a very special family to love him, and he will love them in return. Is Rex the right match for you? Email

***Referrals are courtesy posts for animals at other locations.  They need new homes, but they are not affiliated with Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  Please contact the name/phone number/email address listed after each description to inquire about a specific animal.  IDR+ has not evaluated these animals for medical or temperament; therefore, their descriptions cannot be guaranteed.  IDR+ cannot be held responsible or liable for anything related to these courtesy posts.  Referral animals are required to be spayed/neutered to be listed.***

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