Memorials & Honors

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In Memory of

In memory of Kim DeLaCruz. Also in memory of Erica Hischke-Fidler’s dog “Bogey”.

Sylvia Jascob

In honor of all the volunteers

In honor of Diane Shallcross and all the other big hearted volunteers at IDR+ for everything they do for the animals!

Karen Shallcross

In memory of ‘JACKSON’

In memory of Jackson. Jackson was adopted from IDR+ and I had the pleasure to be his dog walker.

Nancy M from GOTTAGO INC.

In Honor of Duncan

In honor of Duncan, who lived a most wonderful life with Trish & Barry Loehr….and Lili & Theodore.

Gisela Sommer

In Memory of Duncan

In Memory of Duncan, brother of Theodore and Lill Loehr.

Bernadette Gaskin