In honor of Rory

Hello and Happy Holidays to all the wonderful volunteers at IDR!+ A year ago my boyfriend gave me the best Christmas present, we adopted sweet and sassy Rory from the IDR+. She has truly become the love of my life, just don’t tell my boyfriend! She has 3 brothers, Justice is 8 and the leader of the pack, but Justice is a trucker dog and on the road with Daddy for 2 weeks at a time. Then there is her FAVE, her brother Levi. They are like 2 peas in a pod! Always wrestling or snuggling. Recently she got a younger brother Peanut, she is slowly accepting the fact that Peanut is not going anywhere and beginning to play with him, but she likes to remind him she was there first! For the anniversary of Rory coming into my life, I have made donations towards your wonderful rescue.  To top it all off, the company I work for, Humana, has a gift match program so they will be matching my gift! Thank you so much for all you do to help save these dogs! Bless you all and all the work you do!

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