This is a little story about Asia. My wife and I had a Bulldog prior to Asia. She became very ill because of a brain tumor and we had to put her down suddenly. I have never been so devastated in all my life. My wife tried to be there for me, but I was heart broken beyond belief. I swore that I would never get another pet, and have to make that decision again. After some months of tears, I was up late one night catching up on emails and decided to just do a search for English Bulldog rescues. After the search results came back, I clicked on Illinois Doberman Rescue for some reason. I went to look at the dogs that were up for adoption and that’s where I saw Asia. The only English Bulldog that Pam had at the time and she looked absolutely perfect! I had emailed her to find out if she was still available, and to set up a time for us to come out to meet her. After our background check cleared, we went to see her. She was absolutely beautiful! I tried not to be to emotional, because I was still broken-hearted over losing our previous Bulldog. We bonded for a little while and then I wanted to think on it, so we left, knowing that someone else could get her if we did not move forward. But my wife was very understanding about my feelings and did not push the issue too hard. Well, to make a long story short, a few weeks went by and we called Pam to see if she was still there. Pam said yes, and that a few people wanted to adopt her, but were not qualified enough. So we drove up and picked her up the following day. We have had Asia for almost a year and she is absolutely perfect! She is in perfect health! She took to her new home really fast! Asia has all the love and affection that a canine could ask for! She goes shopping weekly to pick out new bones or toys, sleeps with her people every night, and is spoiled in every way possible. We are so happy that we have Asia, not only for ourselves, but to give Asia the kind of love and home she deserves. Thank you again Pam for everything! We could not be any happier with Asia in our lives!

Kevin & Mary Ann Watson

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