My husband and I have always had 2 dogs and we were down to one dog for almost all of 2013.  Our German Shorthair, Ceres, had never been an only dog and as an older girl, was spending her days sleeping and lounging.  We didn’t want our home to become a canine retirement home and started the search for a new pet.  Long story short, we read up on Dobermans and thought it might be a match for us.  We met Bode (formerly Jack) and his biggest plus for us was that he had a sweet and submissive nature with the female at the home we met him at.  Our own girl has typical shorthair attitude and we wanted a peaceful  addition to our home.  Even though we found “Jack” to be cute and nice, my husband was insistent that we look at more Dobermans.  But within 24 hours, he couldn’t get “Jack” off his mind.  I was already hooked.  Poor “Jack” had a sad story of neglect, mange, and lack of food-I would have brought him home without a thought-being a sucker for the saddest dog available.  We never met any other Dobes-instead we called his foster mom, Sandra, and made arrangements to bring him home.  It has been a smooth transition.  Bode is his new name, which is actually kind of funny.  We named him for the downhill skier, Bode Miller.  But our Bode was not a lover of the snow when we got him.  Coming from Georgia, we laughed that he probably was wondering how he ever ended up with us in our eternal winter.  Well, now he loves the snow, goes to doggie daycare, is “besties” with Ceres, is working on his CGC certification, and is the love of our lives.  Oh, and the skinny dog who had mange?  He has gained 15 pounds and his glorious red fur is thick and shiny!

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About melissap

We are first time Dobe parents. Ty and I are parents to 2 college girls and love having the time to spend with Bode, our red Dobe and Ceres, our senior German Shorthair. We live in Rockford, IL. I own a restaurant chain and my husband travels a lot for his job in water safety.