Gucci Our Precious “Hairless Chinese Crested”!

We adopted an adorable “Hairless Chinese Crested” from IDR, yes I said a “Hairless Chinese Crested”, named Gucci.  He is so full of life and makes us laugh everyday.  We sleep together, usually on my 1/4 of our queen size bed, sometimes under the covers and sometimes he sleeps just like a human with the covers pulled up and his head on the pillow.  We have over 40 coats, raincoats, t-shirts, shirts, etc. and his “Grandma” keeps making more!  We love him so very, very much.  This proves that you can get any breed, even the rare ones, just by looking on the Internet.  Please, please adopt.  Shelter dogs need your money more than pet shops who sell puppy mill dogs.

Thank you so very much for our precious Gucci!

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