Hi, my name is Iris and today (January 30) I am 6 years old! I am a big, beautiful Dobegirl, full of energy and very smart (sorry to brag). I have been with my Mommy and Daddy for three of the most wonderful years of my life. I spend half of the time in the city in our condo (a little boring, even though we go for long walks every day). The rest of the time we are in northern Michigan where I have two fenced-in acres of hills, woods, brush, ponds and streams to run around. I dig for critters, catch frogs in the pond, and chase chipmunks. Sometimes my Mom and Dad yell at me for digging in the flower beds or running through the gardens. In the summer they turn on the sprinkler and squirt me with the hose. I really, really love this!! Guess where I would rather be?? In the summer of 2011 I really scared my Mom and Dad when I acted like I was bloating. It turned out that I swallowed a large rock sometime in the past, probably when I was a puppy. I had surgery to take it out and I am perfectly fine now. When I am not Up North, once a week we go to a place where I can swim for more exercise. I’m pretty good at it. (Don’t tell my Dad but I have my eye on our big pond in Michigan.) I am a very happy girl with lots of toys, blankets and places to sleep but most of all I love my Mom and Dad and they, of course, adore me. Thank you, IDR+ for finding me such a wonderful home. You all do such great things for us Dobes (and for the plusses). Someday I hope to see my foster Mom, Susan, and tell her how wonderful my life is.

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