Jack (formerly Tiny Tim)

We started by fostering our Jack – called Tiny Tim on the site – after he had hip surgery. We fell in love with him and by the end of the day decided he belonged in our family.

This border collie mix was a beautiful, quiet, smart boy and we enjoyed every minute with him. We had nine wonderful years with him – he was through thick and thin with us and I don’t know what my kids would have done through some of it without him.  He suffered for one week and we had to say good bye to him a few weeks ago after he passed out having trouble trying to breathe with lungs full of cancer.  We had hoped it was fungal but it was not. We weren’t ready but who is? We were lucky to be able to do the right thing by him and he knew we were with him cradling him in our arms until past the end.

We still hear him in the house and look to see him when we come home. He will always be one of our great dogs – the really special, good ones that you always remember.  We have so many funny stories about him – he really brought a lot of joy to our lives and we know he is waiting for us up there.


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