Leia (Original name was Zoey)

LEIA (as in Princess) was a doberman puppy rescued from a backyard breeder in southern Illinois.  She was only about 3 months old when she was saved.  I had just recently become a IDR+ approved adoption household when the call came in that Leia was going to be mine!  Leia made the trek up to the northwest suburbs of Chicago by some very tenacious and generous volunteers and arrangements were then made to pick her up.  I fell in love with her even before I met her in person.  I cannot imagine a day without her in my life.  She has quickly acclimated to her new forever home and has brought a lightheartedness and energy into our lives.  She loves her 8 1/2 year old brothers Vader (black German Shepherd) and Hank (domestic cat).  She has the sweetest demeanor and is an expert at cuddling.  Although puppies will be puppies and get into some mischief here and there its hard for me to stay mad very long when I look at her face.  Leia is just shy of 8 months old now and is growing like a weed.  I look forward to coming home each and every day just to see her.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to the IDR+ and their volunteers.  I was beyond impressed with their professionalism, competence, thoroughness, and obvious extreme LOVE of what they do.  I sing their praises daily.  I especially want to send a personal shout out to Roya, the volunteer that orchestrated Leia’s rescue and the dedication she has to helping animals in need.  I also want to thank Kristen, the volunteer who housed Leia until I could come pick her up and provided updates on her status every mile of the her trip up north.  Both of these ladies sent me pictures and provided updates on Leia’s daily routines and/or comical relief she offered those around her.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do!
With love,
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