Lexus came to live at our home the summer of 2008. At the time she was 8 years old, an owner turn in that was deaf (from birth) and on thyroid medication. She kept staring at me. For most dogs that means they are thinking about biting you, but her body language didn’t match. I emailed IDR+ about the situation and they explained that she was searching my face for help. She was in a place far away from her home of 8 years, lost and afraid. We fell in love. Shortly thereafter we “failed” at fostering and adopted her as our own. Now she is an ambassador for the Doberman breed, attending events, car shows and the local gas stations. In our neighborhood we are “the people who own Lexus”, our names are seldom used. Lexus celebrated her 13th birthday on January 4th of 2013 and according to her veterinarian, “Has many good years ahead of her.”

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