Libby Shiraz

Although Libby was 14.5 years old – and four-legged – it’s never easy to say goodbye to your first “baby girl”…Libby collapsed Sunday evening, and has been rapidly declining ever since.  When our vet came to the house today (August 5) to check her out, it was clear that the only option we had was to end her suffering.  It’s always hard because, as “dog people,” we measure times in our lives by the dogs we’ve had, and when they go it feels like a piece of us goes, too.

Libby’s story was written in 2010 and submitted for a wine label competition…Somehow, reliving the memories eases the pain a bit…

“My story is as long as my name…I am a red Dobie who was found by the wine-loving folks at the Illinois Doberman Rescue after I was abandoned in Wisconsin living in the fields with my sister (Merlot) for the first year of our lives.  I was named at the rescue group’s Friday meeting – when they gather for good wine and company — and to name the latest arrivals. “Shiraz is this one because she is more ‘spicy’, and her sister is ‘Merlot’ because she is more mellow yet her story no less complex.”

The second person who rescued me kept me for three months and I was returned to the shelter with the name “Libby.” The rescue folks knew they couldn’t add more strife to my already troubled life by changing my name, so “Shiraz” became my middle name…until my forever family found me.

Along came the wine-loving Suda-Blakes, and I knew that the third time would be the charm. I immediately warmed their hearts like a good “Zinfandel” on a cold day. They warmed my heart with their love, and with yearly road trips at Christmas from Chicago to my Nana and Paw Paw’s house in California. On our first trip, they took me to the beach and let me go; I felt how I look in this painting – Just Released…I am now Libby Shiraz Suda-Blake, and I live in San Clemente, California with my forever family.”

RIP, girl…your spirit most certainly lives on! We love and will miss you dearly…



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