Mylie May

In 2008, I lost my IDR dog–Trooper. I only had Trooper a year when I lost him to megaesophagus. My heart was broken. Within a few months Kat and Rosemary identified a cute little female they thought would fit into my life. I still missed my Trooper and I didn’t know what to do. So one evening, in the middle of a thunderstorm, here comes Rosemary bringing cute Mylie to my house for me to see. As soon as I saw Mylie, I fell in love with her and I knew she was in her forever home. Since I was retired, in 2011 Mylie and I moved to Ohio to be closer to my family. Shortly after we moved to Galena Ohio, Mylie became ill and I took her to MedVet in Worthington, Ohio to be treated by Dr. Hostutler. Myle had hepatitis and following a liver biopsy, it was discovered that she was a Von Willebrand dog. Mylie required numerous blood transfusions to control bleeding but within days she was on the road to recovery. I am happy to report that Mylie is doing great, and we are settled in Ohio. Mylie is living a normal life and we expect to spend many more years running and swimming at Alum Creek Reservoir. In the past, I would have been hesitant to adopt a Von Willebrand dog but now that I have my angel Mylie, I certainly would not rule out a Von Willebraund dog in the future. Mylie is a very sweet good girl and I would describe her as PERFECT. Mylie is the love of my life, and I am so thankful to IDR, Rosemary, and Kat for bringing us together, and to Dr. Hostutler, Anastasia, and the staff at MedVet for keeping us together.

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