Hi, I’m Mystik Blu. I was a puppy from Tennessee when I came to IDR with my Mom, Marley, and brother and sisters over three years ago named Magic. I just wanted to say that I’m loving my life. I eat only grain free dog food to help my skin and have definitely found some favorites. I get to go to one of several dog parks nearby when it is not to cold or bad outside. When I need food, my family takes me to a pet store. My favorite is Petco. Everyone there loves me, especially the manager. She says I was one of the first dogs she met when she started there, so she has a soft spot for me. My mom and dad or oldest sister always get a rawhide bone and small bag of cookies with my food. My sister is thinking of getting me a niece or nephew from IDR. I hope she gets one soon or I get a sibling. I don’t care which I get. I just want a playmate more my size. The only ones I have close by are all really small. This picture is of me and an ex neighbor child. She was born two weeks before I got to go home with my family.

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