Ottis ( formerly Boris)

We just want to thank IDR Plus and his foster home for saving such great family members  like Ottis.

We adopted Ottis two years ago on 12/22/12 and immediately got him into obedience training.  After his training he was able to do all of the basic skills very well and loved playing with the other kids in class. Since training he has learned some tricks, spinning around in a circle is his favorite trick and always gets a laugh because he is quite the clown.

We play fetch the ball twice a day outside even if it is snowing he loves it. However  if it is raining  and you have a Doberman you know they don’t like being in the rain, so he won’t have it any other way but to play ball inside the house or he hangs his head and pouts about it all evening.

Ottis is a true family member and with him only being 4 years old we have many years of enjoyment left with him in our family and look forward to a long life with Ottis.

Good luck to all adopted pets, they deserve families too!

Glenn & Cheryl

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