Hi my name is Sheba and I was adopted 4 years ago, I’m about 5.5 yrs old now! I love bones and trying to bury them in the dirt, that’s what’s all over my nose in this picture. I also love my older sister in this picture…don’t tell her, but she’s the boss! My mom takes me running 5 to 6 days a week and gives me lots of bones! The vet says I’m one of the best in shape Dobes he’s ever seen; working out is great! My foster parents were so awesome, but I really love my forever home! I also get to go to doggie day care and play, but because of my sister, she’s a cat (don’t tell her) we have a hard time finding another sister or brother like me, but that’s okay. My dad gives me lots of rubs, I really like them! IL Doberman Rescue gave me a second chance when I was just a stray and for that I thank them big time, my life is sooo great. I love you all, Love Shebs =)

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