With the grief and sense of loss beginning to fade, I’m finally able to pen this tribute to my beloved Tasha. I still mourn her passing but am gradually healing. She came to us in the fall of 2002 from IDR. Tasha had a wonderful life, and she enjoyed our home, bringing much joy to all who knew her. She loved people and those that met her fell in love with her immediately. Tasha was an exceptional friend and partner. We took many trips together and had all sorts of wonderful experiences with her at our side. She was extremely well mannered, respectful, kind, and caring. She was a star at several USNSCC parades and wore her Petty Officer uniform with great pride. She truly was a community dog, as many people loved seeing her in attendance at those parades and functions. Tasha was 14 years old, and it was just her age that finally wore her out. When it was time for her to leave us, we were at home and at her side as she crossed the bridge. She will always be with us in our hearts. She leaves behind a loving, devoted family, and many friends and relatives who appreciated and loved her. We love that wonderful ‘old girl’ and are grateful for every single day we had with her, all the wonderful times we shared and the many life lessons she taught us. Her loss creates an irreplaceable void in our lives. We will always cherish her and the warm memories she leaves behind. God Bless you, Tasha. We love and miss you. With deep love and gratitude, Greg, Erika & Kathy

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