The Devon Report continued

A few months after I was adopted we moved. That took over 4 months. Lucky for me mom took me all the time to the new place so I was fine when we moved in. I had a nice yard at the old house, but the new yard is even bigger.

Once we were in, my obedience training resumed. I went to a dog show and wow that was a lot to take in. I was pretty nervous. I did okay with Dad. We were in Beginner Novice A. I managed to qualify and also got 4th place. Mom and I didn’t do so well. Our stuff was harder.

Then mom’s back got bad so I enjoyed being home and sometimes playing in the snow with my best friend Beau, a beagle.

In the spring mom felt better so my training resumed. Mom and I worked a lot outside in the driveway and the street. Then dad started working with me too. It was show time again.

This show was at a sizeable exposition center; however the Obedience and Rally side was not too busy. I got my first Novice qualifying score and 3rd place with mom. I got my second qualifying score, for 1st place with Dad. We had beaten another rescue Dobe by only ½ a point. The judge even commented about both of us being rescues and going for titles when she gave out the ribbons.

There were not any summer shows mom wanted to go to, but she insisted we keep doing some work and told Dad we had to go other places to train. Mom also made me and Dad take some private lessons.

We went to a few summer dog festivals. One of them offered CGC testing so I got my Advanced CGC.

By fall we were back at Glenbard’s trial. I qualified with mom this time for my second Novice leg. Dad and I got my Beginner Novice title that day with a 2nd place for my third leg. I really don’t get the leg things as I seem to need 4, but only need 3 for a title?

Two weeks later I was back out with mom at Fox Valley’s trial. We had been going there for the last two weeks so I could get used to the place. I was nervous again that day, but when it was my turn to go I realized this is where we had been, and I did my stuff. Mom was so happy and proud of me. We got our 3rd leg and my Novice CD, (AKC Companion Dog) title. I also got a really nice rosette for my new title.

The bug has bitten Dad so we might consider Rally, but mom said she is done.

The Doberman National is here this year so I might be participating. Mom seems all excited about that and said Dad and I have to get ready.

Submitted by Devon A New Beginning CD BN CGCA owners Carole Moen/Bill RockDevon Lyons 2015 BN 2nd leg 1st plac CD 1st leg 2nd place ADevon BN title Bill Carole Catherine-ADevon CD Fox Valley KC 11-14-15ADevon BRCM titles_reduced

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