The Devon Report

I’ve been with my new family 4 months.  I came from IL Doberman Rescue plus.  Chicago Animal control picked me up where I had to sit and wait for two weeks as I was chipped, and my owners said they had given me away but they might want me back.

Carole came on a Tuesday night in February and picked me up at Happy Paws.. We went right to a dog class as my new mom needed to be sure she could train and handle me due to her back problems.

I was real good that night and did not pull as I knew this might be a good deal for me. When I got home my new Dad, Bill loved me right away and said I was a keeper.

The Arlington Family Pet Show was coming up in March and my new mom said I could be in the pet parade on Friday and that IDR could get ½ of our entry fee.  She told me Friday was a slow day and I would be fine.  I was a little nervous at first; I had never seen anything like it.  Mom put a nice teal coat on me.  (I believe it was passed down from Puppy to Phoenix and now it’s mine).  She got her coat and put the walker in the car because I had not learned how to walk next to it.  I needed to potty and then we went back inside.  I got my picture taken.  This time I was not nervous and I got a lot of attention.  Everyone said I was such a nice looking Dobe.

In April I went to the hospital in Indiana where Bill’s mom had triple-by-pass surgery.  I got to go up to her room for a visit.  I was real good and laid on my dog pad.

A few days later I got my CGC at Lyons Dog Club.

The last Monday in April we went to the White Sox baseball game.  It was Dog Days.  I made the parade so Carole and Bill walked me around the outer edge of the field with a bunch of other dogs.  Now I walk real nice with the walker. It was cold that night and rainy but I was dressed for the weather.  Dad said there were 600 dogs there that night.

The next day I went to a junior high in Wilmette where one of my mom’s dog clubs was teaching a group of kids and their dogs the CGC.   Some of the kids did not have a dog so they got to work with me.  We went back a couple weeks later and the kids really liked working with me.

In May we stopped to see one of the Doberman Club members at Marianjoy Rehab Hospital on our way home from Geneva.  Mom said the lady had a stroke.  I could only go in the lobby and they brought her down.   There was so much going on in the lobby I was a bit nervous.  But I think she enjoyed seeing a Doberman.  Even though we were only in the lobby it was busy and several people stopped to pet me.  Everyone thought I was so handsome.

I also got to go to Tails on the Trail at the Arboretum.  Mom’s dog club had a booth there.  We were there for a couple hours and I had a real good time.

I never knew a dog could do so many things.  I think I’m going to like it here.  I’m glad my former owners never came to get me.

Submitted by “Devon the Doberman”, owners Carole Moen, & Bill Rock

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