Xena (Formerly Sugarplum)

We adopted Xena, sorry couldn’t keep a ferocious animal with a name like Sugarplum, earlier this year and it has been an amazing experience. When we got her she was a little husky and shy. Both of those problems have gone away with time, she is now outgoing and looks more athletic. She is such a sweet girl, horrible guard dog, but great addition to family. She likes sleeping on her bed with her stuffed animal and blanket. When I come home from work I usually have to pull the blanket off her head to wake her up to go outside. Xena loves to meet new people and dogs. She is super smart, has learned sit, come, catch, and paw. She is super house broken and even knows not to go on the couch… she tries to sneak up there when we aren’t home. Sometimes she doesn’t get off the couch in time when we get home, or forgets her stuffed animal… working on that. Other than that she just wants love and attention. I included a picture I took while I was typing this up.

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