October 2013 Sponsors

Yolanda Rivera

Karen Ortolano: Fargus sends his love. From my couch, Where’s he’s currently sleeping. =)

John Albee

Chris & Larry Hunt

Robert & Susan Furney

Linda Sherman

Barbara Figler

Jane Genzel

Dave Tisinai

Rebecca Schledorn

Kathleen Atkins

Jayne Hayes

Marla McLuckie

Everest Coaching Systems

Diane Schwahn

Patricia Spagnola

Joy Parkman

Shannon Harjer

Kathy Maglio

Vincent Taylor

Carol Foster

Jacqueline Moss

Laura Wagner

Elizabeth Mitchell

Annette Tonell

Liz Herring

Julia Zlatova

Kenneth Kaiser

Steven East

Luis Solano

David Sears

Montgomery Walgreens Adoption Event

Nancy & Andrea at The Doggie Salon in New Lenox, IL for grooming so many of our little Plus dogs!

Sara Devore Austin


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