Owner Surrender

If you need to relinquish ownership of your dog to IDR+, these are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Are you sure?

Please read these questions to make sure you have exhausted all of your options.

2. Contact Us

Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus makes it a point to try to keep our rescued Dobermans in foster homes versus a shelter or kennel situation to ease the trauma of losing their homes. However, your dog most likely will go to our partner kennel facility first for evaluation, so do not expect to be dropping your dog off at someone’s home. Accordingly, we always have a limited amount of space available. If you need to relinquish ownership of your dog, please contact us at surrender@ILDobeRescue.com. (Please do not leave a voice mail–you will get a much faster response via email.) Our Intake Coordinator will work with you to find space in our program for your Doberman. DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO DROP YOUR DOBERMAN OFF THE SAME DAY. Please note that our highest priority is rescuing Dobermans from high-kill shelters. We cannot remove animals from your property. **If you are emailing us from a yahoo email account, we have been having issues receiving emails ending in @yahoo.com.**

3. Owner Surrender Form

Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus requires that you complete our IDR+ Canine Intake form as a Word.doc (type answers and email back) or PDF (print and handwrite answers) to help us learn as much as possible about your dog. Please be very detailed when completing this form since the information will help us find the right home for your dog in the future. That will need to be faxed or emailed back once completed. Please email it to surrender@ILDobeRescue.com or fax to (847) 745-0471. You will also be requested to send a photo of your dog and all vet records so we do not have to repeat any up to date vetting.

4. Meet and Greet

Before accepting your dog into our program, a member of IDR+’s Intake Committee might need to meet your dog to evaluate his/her temperament. If we do need to meet your dog, then you would be asked to drive your dog to the closest IDR+ representative for this meeting. If your dog displays any overt aggression, he/she may not be considered for our program. We do not always need to meet ahead of time, but it is possible this will be requested.

5. Medical Information

Since we are a not-for-profit group that operates mainly on donations, we would greatly appreciate any effort you could make to bring your dog’s medical records up to adoption standards. Ideally, we would appreciate if you update your dog’s vaccinations, including rabies, perform a heartworm test, and spay or neuter the dog depending on its gender. We can always refer you to a low-cost clinic for these services. If you cannot afford to do all of these things, please try to do what you can. Please provide IDR+ with a copy of these records so we do not have to repeat any vetting that has already been done. We prefer records to be faxed with the surrender form ahead of time. We will not turn down your dog if he/she is not up to date.

6. Returning an Animal That You Adopted from IDR+

If you need to return an animal that you adopted from our program, please remember that you are contractually required to contact us and discuss the return. We will usually accept the return of any IDR+ animal, depending upon the reason. It is important, however, that you still provide us with notice so that we can find room for your animal. Also, please note that we will rely on you to provide transport of your animal back to us, and don’t forget to bring along your original adoption contract (yellow copy) if you still have it and any vetting records so we do not have to re-vaccinate the animal.

7. Fee & Supplies

Rescuing dogs is very costly. We will have to feed, house, and provide medical services to your animal (and many others) until we can re-home them. To offset some of these expenses, please provide a give-up fee when dropping off your dog. The suggested amount is minimum $25 in CASH ONLY. Additionally, please bring along your dog’s supplies when you drop him off. Your animal could possibly be made to feel a little more comfortable through this very traumatic experience if he has some belongings from home, such as his blanket, toys, food, crate, leash, collar, etc.

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