TX Dobes are safe in IL

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last month, we knew we had to help. However, animal welfare organizations learned a lot since Hurricane Katrina, and dogs in immediate need from the storm would be held where they were found for 30 days until their owners could hopefully come back for them. In the meantime, there were already Dobermans in shelters and rescues in Texas, so we offered to pull some to make room for when the month was up.

The first Dobe who arrived was Wrigley, who came from the Dallas area. One of our volunteers was headed there for work, and he offered to bring someone back home with him on the night that ended up being his 10th wedding anniversary, but his wife said it was okay since it was to save a dog. Unfortunately, Wrigley was heartworm positive, but he will be treated and adopted to a family waiting for him to recover.

Then Austin came up with another volunteer, who also drove to TX for work. Austin needed the full vet package, and her long Doberman snout managed to open her spay stitches, which resulted in an expensive ER bill to repair.

Two more IDR+ volunteers had a planned trip to TX and brought Chelsea and Tex back with them. They were fantastic passengers the whole drive, and they enjoyed staying in a hotel along the way! Unfortunately, Tex positive for heartworm, so he will begin treatment and will need to recover.

Finally, Bubba made the trip up on a transport, and he is sweet as pie. He will appreciate a warm coat for the upcoming Chicago winter.

Thank you to everyone who donated toward their care! Your donations made it possible to save FIVE dogs from Texas!

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