What is the Guardian Angel Program?

Have you ever felt reluctant to adopt a special needs dog because you were concerned about the potential cost of their health issues? IDR+ is bringing back the Guardian Angel Program to help offset the cost of some dogs’ health issues for the adopters. The Guardian Angel Program matches up special needs dogs who have a known medical condition that may shorten their life spans with their guardian angel adopters who will watch over them in their final years. Only a select few of our dogs will qualify for the program, and they are not all seniors.

By adopting a Guardian Angel dog, you are assuring the final months and years of that dog’s life are comfortable and surrounded by a loving family. In return, IDR+ will waive the adoption fee and cover some costs associated with the known health issues. The adopter is still responsible for food, monthly heartworm prevention, annual vaccines, general regular upkeep, and any new or unrelated health issues.

Each dog will have a unique list of costs covered. For example, a Wobbler’s dog might benefit from being on medication, such as prednisone, which IDR+ will mail to your home. For a dog that has a heart murmur, we will cover medications if needed and annual x-rays to monitor the heart. Other instances will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If the adopter chooses to participate in covering the cost of some or all of the expenses, IDR+ would be very grateful.

As a not-for-profit rescue, IDR+ must have final say in any unexpected expenses, and we reserve the right to forego extreme measures to extend the dog’s life.

The Guardian Angel Program will also cover the inevitable “final” costs of the adopted dog, including euthanasia and group cremation.

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